Monday, May 4, 2015

Final assignment

The concept of my work for this project was to show how the fishing industry (particularly reels) has progressed from the early days to now. In this series of photos you will see how they have evolved from simple metal frames to lightweight carbon with adjustable drag and tension knobs. Reels are a very essential part of fishing and come in all colors and sizes. I chose to edit these in black and white because even tho there are different reels and different models, they still serve the same purpose and have evolved from one another. Most of my work focuses on the outdoors and the sport I love which is fishing. I shoot anything that catches my eye from wildlife to sunsets. It is where I can be free and jump off the world for a while.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Portrait Photography

In this series I took pictures of my sister with her favorite head wear. She always wears hats and head bands and she chose her 6 Favorites. It was fun playing around with the lighting and trying to get the best angles. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Light writing

This is the only one I had that turned out decent. This Picture Pretty cool

Monday, April 6, 2015

Assignment 2 DOF/Motion

 On this picture I focused on the Bronco side decal and everything else is blury you can see an blury background and a blurry ice sickle hanging from the mirror. I messed with the hues and contrast&sharpness also

 This photo has a deep DOF. I messed with the hues to give it a light blue cool tone to give it a cold feel like the cold day i took the picture. i think it has just the right balance of blue where you can barely notice it but it is still there
 This is a very shallow image and I didn't have to edit much. just adjusted the hues on the mid-tones to make it a little darker
 This image is one of my favorites you can clearly see where the image is focused and I feel it turned out good. Bumped the brightness down and the contrast up to make it pop out a little
 This image is pretty cool. This is a seagull taking off after eating some shad on the river you can see where the water is still unsettled from his wings hitting as he took off. my shutter speed was very fast to get this image
 I love this image. This is a bass as it was being fought to the boat and jumping there is a lot of commotion in this picture and yet still very clear.
This is the same fish.This was it as it was jumping out of the water and going back in. There is a little motion blur but not much it was fun day to catch fish and shoot some photos

Sunday, February 8, 2015

B&W Bench Assignment 1

 This image was My base image for black and white. I de-saturated it and adjusted the contrast and brightness a hair. just enough to give the shadows a little more darkness but not over run.

 In this image I upped the contrast ans brightness up a little and I dodged the whites on the bench and where the sun hit the image. It gives it more contrast and makes you focus on the benches.

 This one is My favorite. I left the image alone from the previous but I burned the shadows dark to give it a very strong contrast and canceled out the faint markings in the bricks where the sun didn't hit. It is very strong photo with the main returns in the middle of the photo.

I gave this one a blue "Cool" tone. it gives it the black and white look but keeps all the detail in the image where you can still see the minor things. The whites still pop out in this one also

My final Picture I did Sepia. Its more of a warmer photo with a warmer red color that warms the image you get the color and detail of the bricks while also keeping the shadows and the brightness of the lighter areas where the sun hit the most.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Original Bench Photo

I chose this image because of the shadows cast by the taller objects and the strong returns of whites from the bench and the concrete. The contrast of the bricks and the concrete bench caught my eye. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About Me

Hi, My name is Dillon McGee. I am a senior at Bethel University and I am on the Bass Fishing Team. There is nowhere else I would rather be than on the water fishing. I have grew up in the outdoors and have come to love everything about it. I really enjoy taking pictures of things i see while I am hunting and fishing.