Sunday, February 8, 2015

B&W Bench Assignment 1

 This image was My base image for black and white. I de-saturated it and adjusted the contrast and brightness a hair. just enough to give the shadows a little more darkness but not over run.

 In this image I upped the contrast ans brightness up a little and I dodged the whites on the bench and where the sun hit the image. It gives it more contrast and makes you focus on the benches.

 This one is My favorite. I left the image alone from the previous but I burned the shadows dark to give it a very strong contrast and canceled out the faint markings in the bricks where the sun didn't hit. It is very strong photo with the main returns in the middle of the photo.

I gave this one a blue "Cool" tone. it gives it the black and white look but keeps all the detail in the image where you can still see the minor things. The whites still pop out in this one also

My final Picture I did Sepia. Its more of a warmer photo with a warmer red color that warms the image you get the color and detail of the bricks while also keeping the shadows and the brightness of the lighter areas where the sun hit the most.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Original Bench Photo

I chose this image because of the shadows cast by the taller objects and the strong returns of whites from the bench and the concrete. The contrast of the bricks and the concrete bench caught my eye.